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What others are saying about us...

“We would like to thank each and every one that touched our mom’s life during her residence at Wilshire. She enjoyed her activities and the friends that she met at Wilshire. The care and compassion shown not only to my mother during her life, but to the family during her last few hours with us was wonderful. Staff members stopped by to say good-bye to mom and tell us what she meant to them. We were so blessed to have mom in such a wonderful caring environment. We can hardly begin to tell you how the Wilshire family was so important to my mom. For all you have done for my mom while she was at Wilshire, we will forever be grateful.”

– The Hart Family

“Wilshire’s staff is nice, friendly, cheerful and willing to help out with just about anything. The ambiance is really good. The seasonal decorations keep things fresh.  In my opinion, Wilshire is top of the line and an outstanding place. My wife and I scouted all the facilities in Lee’s Summit and this one was the best”.

– James Cramer, Resident

“The physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy received at Wilshire at Lakewood made it possible for mom to get back to where she was before spending several days in the hospital. We are happy to have Mom back home. We are very appreciative for the help that was given at Wilshire to make this possible.”

– Mary Lou DeMasters

“Wilshire is a great place to live. There are always things to do. The activities keep your mind alert. My favorite thing is the pond and when we draw.”

– Cindy Jarrett, Resident Council President

“I think we have the wrong idea of what a nursing home is. For me, Wilshire is the ideal place, it is nice, clean and they take good care of us.”

– Barbara Welch, Resident

“Wilshire helps me in every way possible. The staff is very kind, helpful and treats me really good. My favorite activity is bingo and listening to the singers.”

– Velma Carney, Resident

“All the staff members I met and worked with during these times were very pleasant. David Banks, who was a nurse to her, was most entertaining with his wit and charm. I believe his medical knowledge and caring attitude adds value to the organization at Wilshire. His comedic commentary often brings joy to what may seem to some as a lackluster routine. Phyllis, who was also my mother’s nurse, was a special joy to my mother, as was Crystal, who was very helpful to me. Jennifer Bruce has been an absolute dream to work with. Her expertise and knowledge in this, her chosen career field is fantastic. She always maintains a pleasant attitude and does everything she can to help. I truly appreciate her, very, very much. I wanted to let the management at Wilshire know what true gems these employees are to your facility.”

– Sherry Irvin, daughter of resident Erlene J. Hawkins

“Activities Department- you are the greatest! You really know how to keep the residents involved and busy. I know at times you were under-staffed for the big parties, but you always pulled it off and everyone had a great time. Thanks for keeping Kenny laughing!

Administrative staff- Every time I needed help with anything you were always there to help me. We appreciated the Care Plan Meetings; they helped me with sharing things that we felt needed to be addressed. Thanks for helping me with everything including getting him to and from doctor appointments. You do a great job, keep up the good work!

Housekeeping- You do an excellent job of keeping Wilshire clean. Kenny’s laundry was returned in a timely manner and I don’t think in the 4+ years we were at Wilshire, he ever had any items of clothes missing. Good job!

Nursing staff- you have a big job and you do it with care for each and every patient. We know at times you were tested but you always seemed to do what you needed to do to get the job done right. Thanks for taking care of our precious one.

Thanks again for everything you all do and know that if anyone asked we would most definitely refer Wilshire at Lakewood as an A+ facility.”

– Family of Kenny Morris