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    • 04 JAN 16

    Staff News, January 2016

    Employee of the Year

    Rachel Gibson is recognized by her fellow employees

    Our employee of  the YEAR is Rachael Gibson. She has been a CNA here since September of 2014.  Before that she worked 5 years in housekeeping. She currently works on the 800 hall on the day shift. She lives in Kansas City, Missouri with her three children. Her hobbies are hanging out with the kids, shopping, going out with her friends and watching movies. Congrats Rachael, from everyone at Wilshire for a job well done!!!

    Happy Birthday!

    • Glenna Morris, 2nd
    • Mary Goldman, 3rd
    • Cristy Slade, 5th
    • Aeriel New, 8th
    • Yolanda Collins, 9th
    • Erica Fritts, 12th
    • Hether Erickson, 16th
    • Janelle Pastor, 18th
    • Connie Jackman, 28th
    • Linda Summers, 30th



    Congrats, Staff, on your January anniversary dates.

    • Seven Years: Rachel Gibson (30th)
    • Six Years: Misty Hall (19th)
    • Five Years:
      • Kurtis Caldwell (5th)
      • Heidi Lambeth (6th)
      • Kristen Dellek (17th)
    • Four Years:
      • Stephenie Kilgore (4th)
      • Michael Jefferson (19th)
    • Three Years: Kristine Korycki-Sallis (30th)
    • Two Years: Allicia Turley (22nd)
    • One Year:
      • Ashley Profitt (2nd)
      • Asia Sanders (2nd)
      • Debra Wiley (28th)
      • Michole Greer (28th)


    Welcome New Employee

    • Meoshi Spellman, Staffing Coordinator